Outfit of the Day: Wonder Woman Bound

Do you ever wake up and realize that you will need more than just a venti coffee to get you through the day? This has happened very often to me this season. One of the most recent discouragements is waking up every day and seeing a headline of a new outed celebrity assault on women. These headlines make me cringe and in some ways feel on edge I venture out into a male dominated work place. I’ve experienced blatant sexism and also several remarks about the way I look: too young. It seems as if equality and empowerment are pipe dreams sometimes.

When I saw this little collar clip on Instagram I knew I had to have it. While it’s only a mere accessory, it’s the perfect material reminder of my inner strength. Wonder Woman is one of the most inspiring figures for me, especially since the recent film. I watched Justice League growing up, but I didn’t find her character as empowering in cartoon form. Maybe I just took her for granted? The newest depiction of Diana is the exact encouragement I need — to always seek truth and justice.

I adore the vintage vibe of this clip. My outfit is definitely more a “Wonder Woman bound”, and I think the clip could be toned down with a simple cardigan and camisole. In any case, it is definitely one of my favorite and most unique purchases I’ve made in a long time.


Easy Monday Outfit of the Day

Monday mornings are very difficult for me. I’ve been learning tips about waking up on time and having a good morning, but my biological disdain towards being a morning person (especially on a Monday) hasn’t changed. It’s definitely a work in progress and I’m starting from rock bottom.

My first baby step to having a better Monday is to dress nicer (aka: to not dress like a bum). Even if I wake up late and I dry shampoo my hair till it’s an official health hazard, my one goal for Monday is to dress like I woke up on time and to look ready to conquer the day.

I’m a grad student, so wardrobe is negotiable. I can show up to class looking like  Rory Gilmore after a Wookiee hook-up, but I’m trying to make the choice to consciously prepare my outfits the night beforehand as an act of care for myself. Self care can come in a variety of ways, and I think putting effort into self-presentation is a part of it (since I do want to look nice, but I never feel like I have the time).

My easy Monday outfits consist of 3 things: skirt, plain top, and scarf. It’s a fail safe outfit. There’s no fuss (besides tights if it’s cold). It’s Easy as Monday Morning.

So this is my first step to becoming a morning person. It does help in the smallest amount to know that I won’t have that helpless moment in front of the closet five minutes before I’m supposed to leave feeling like I have NOTHING to wear. Any small step is a good step!

Hiding the Pooch on Thanksgiving: Easy Holiday Outfits

What to wear on a day when you may or may not stuff your stomach until it feels like a amorphous, turkey based, extension of your once human-shaped body?

There’s always confusion on what to wear for this food-centric holiday. Why do you have to dress up to go somewhere with people you know and stuff your face? The question seems unanswerable, because every year I find myself standing in front of the closet asking “what should I wear?!” There’s a few different types of Thanksgiving atmospheres, so I’ve created a list based on what I’ve experienced in the past.

For the Casual Event: 

The Casual Event may be one of the hardest things to dress for — I usually end up dressing up a little bit, just so I won’t stand out too much for looking like a bum. A nice sweater at Thanksgiving Lunch is definitely what I’m planning on wearing this year to my family’s event. Some people wear t-shirts, and others wear pretty dresses… a sweater seems like a happy medium! Plus, chunky, loose, or flowy sweaters will be trendy and work to hide the mid-day belly.


For the Joey- Challenge – You’re Eating An Entire Turkey Alone and No One Can Stop You:


Is there a better excuse to wear yoga pants and cute work out top? Going to the gym is probably what these would be best for, but accepting a Joey challenge is a close second.

My go-to yoga pants are actually from Cost-Co (of all places), but I have definitely had my eye on some cute ones at Target and Old Navy. These high waisted yoga leggings are perfect for workouts and eating to your heart’s desire. The cowl sweater below just looks so chic and cozy (it comes in so many colours!).

For the Fancy Dinner – do people do this? 

Swing Dresses are your friend — add statement necklace and some heels and you are good to go! Amazon is my go to for fancy dresses. They have so many options under $25 that are versatile beyond one Holiday event. This lace number is flowy and loose, so it will be super comfortable.The lace sleeves are fun and sexy, but they also add enough contrast between your skin and the sheer material so you can wear a bra with straps without it being too noticeable.





Cozy and Cute Fall Sweaters

There’s nothing like having a go-to sweater (or sweaters) in the fall and winter seasons. Pieces that are easy to dress up with some pearls or dress down with a blanket scarf make the cold season a little more bearable in my opinion. I’ve been combing the web for some perfect additions to my wardrobe and I wanted to share some of my favourite finds.

  1. Pretty in Pink Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.00.02 PMThis little number has just enough slouch to be cozy and just enough structure to flatter some curves. The sweater comes in a variety of colours at HM and is under $30 CAD. I like this pink shade the best because I like to wear bright colours as autumn begins to fade. My winter heart wants to wear a lot of greys and blacks, but that just gets depressing after a while. Having a go-to pop of colour brings the happy back.

2. Stranger Things Inspired 

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.02.08 PM.png

If you are like me then you slowly begin to shift your wardrobe to emulate your television heroines. I have been through a Blaire Waldorf phase (and a similar Veronica Lodge phase), a Rachel Green phase, and now I’m totally leaning into the 80’s style because of Stranger Things. With the second season coming, I’m dying to get my hands on some Nancy inspired ribbed striped sweaters. This one from Macy’s is under $30 CAD (which means in USD its pretty affordable). Ready to fight a demigorgon? I’ll get my bat.

3. Cozy Mock Neck

I’m a big fan of turtle necks for the fall and winter seasons. They can look extremely chic with a skirt but you can also dress them down with jeans (as pictured). I love Old Navy for trend items like the t-neck (or the mock neck) because you’re not spending an arm a leg on an item that may or may not be a fashion don’t in the next year. This one comes in a variety of colours, but I love this Gryffindor burgundy. If there is ever a choice in life – always pick burgundy. However, the Mustard colour is also a huge fall trend this year so why not get both (sass emoji)

4. Splurge Item – Teddy Sweater

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.03.14 PM

This special little Rose Gold number is from J Crew Factory. I label it a splurge because it is just short of one hundred dollars when it is not on sale. I’m betting that around American Thanksgiving I maybe be able to find it under $50, but in the meantime I am just going to sit here and obsess over those shimmery polka dots.

Where To Find Rose Gold Minnie Ears – Small Shop Edition

I am sure you have all seen or at least heard of the sparkly “Rose Gold Minnie Ears” that broke the internet last week. If you are a Disney newbie or a die hard fan, you probably experienced a teensy bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) as you scrolled across the photo taken by @styledbymagic, one of the Disney community’s favorite grammers.


Chelsea, the account’s owner, posted the pic and it went viral. Teen Vogue, Cosmo, and other media outlets reposted the picture, the ears sold out, and then they were being sold on eBay for triple the asking price within 48 hours. This is how the world works… and the world wept thinking that the chance at rose-gold-ear-instant-satisfaction had been lost.

But alas! The rose gold ear trend has been a subtle market in the Disney small shop community for quite some time now. For those of you who are not attached to your phones and diving into the corners of the internet,  there are several small shops that directly market themselves to Disney-goers. The Small shops usually have their own stores on Etsy or they create their own website to sell their merchandise – rose gold ears included.

This post is mainly to highlight a few of my favorite ear shops and also shops that have been recommended to me for their rose gold ears. So if you felt like you missed out on the trend – look no further. These shops have you covered! All of their Instagram handles will be available as well as links to their online shops. Enjoy!

  1. @Castle_Cuties – Rose Gold Ears (Sequin or Satin Bow) $25.00

Lauralee is the genius behind Castle Cuties. She did the Disney College Program at WDW and also a professional internship with Disney costuming that fine tuned her skills with the sewing machine. Her ear shop is relatively new and gaining popularity by the minute. As a customer myself, I can speak to the quality and comfort of her ears. Each pair is sturdy with a little bit of flexibility so you don’t get headaches OR easily damage your ears. Her rose gold ears come with a satin bow or a sequin bow! The choice is yours!

2. @Alycattycreations Rosé Gold Ears $33.00

If you’re a girl who loves rose gold and Rosé (which you know you are), look no further. Aly’s “Rosé Gold Ears” are the perfect blend of blush and petal pink. So they are definitely a part of the “Rose Gold”  family, but they do stand out because of the unique and gorgeous hue of the sequins. Her shop is special because all of her items are hand stitched and can be easily styled with items from other small shops for the ultimate Disney outfit. Aly also is great at creating custom orders – so if you love the rose gold trend but have your own ideas (a different color bow, extra flowers, or bling), Aly is the girl to do it for you!

3. @Vivalamouse Rose Gold Ears $28.00

Claudia’s ears are BEYOND PERFECTION. I don’t know how she does it, but her work looks like craftsmanship. Her take on the rose gold ears includes a blush sequin with an even lighter blush bow. The make of the ears are flat – so if you don’t want your ears very poofy, this is a good option for you. Claudia’s ears are known for being super comfortable too – so if you are prone to headaches from head bands, her ears may be the best option for you. Not only that, but they have the sweetest little details. Claudia wraps the headband with a white satin ribbon and she also adds extra sparkles to the sides of the ears (see second photo of yours truly). You really can’t go wrong with any pair from her shop – especially the rose gold ones. Her other most popular pair are her Tinker Bell confetti ears (which are totally on my wishlist).

4. @Pixidustbowtique

Sam is the doll behind the @pixiedustbowtique and her shop has some of the best ratings and reviews around. Her customers recommended her shop to me for this blog post and I was honestly blown away by her ear designs. The rose gold sequin ears are among many other colours of sequin pairs that she makes, so you have lots of options to choose from if you are on the fence about the rose gold trend. Due to the popularity of her shop, make sure you follow her on Instagram to know when she opens and has sales. You don’t wanna miss out!

5. @Seasquaredboutique

Ashley’s shop is another that was recommended by a happy customer. After scrolling through her feed on Instagram, I had fallen in love with every single pair that she makes. Her very first pair of hand made ears were out of an old Lilly Pulitzer dress… how cool is that?! Her Rose Gold ears are slightly poofy, which is a happy medium if you are not into the flat ears or the super poofy ones. Her rose gold ears are a new addition to her shop, but also in high demand.

So if you had any fears of missing out on being a Minnie Mouse replica decked out in rose gold, then you are set. I do not see this trend passing quickly, so why not invest in a good pair from one of these shops right now? If you do end up placing an order, make sure you that you leave a review! Etsy shops love reviews!



Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these shops and I was not payed by any 3rd party to write this post. I believe in supporting small shops and also their incredibly well made products. There are tons more shops that have their own take on the Rose Gold ears, and the one’s that I have chosen are endorsed by personal experience of wearing their ears or from satisfied customers that recommended the shop to me.

Easter Dresses 2017

Easter dresses


Having an Easter dress is a tradition that I grew up with as a kid. Even when we hit hard times, we would still go to K-Mart and pick out something special for Easter to wear to church. I’ve been looking around for the perfect Easter dress for this year.I’m the type of girl who doesn’t get sad about window shopping. Instead, I get inspired and genuinely happy just looking at clothes and it makes me even happier to think about sharing them with someone who will buy an item I’ve picked out and love it. So here are my Easter picks for this year!

  1. If I were to invest in a dress this year, the Old Navy dress would be perfect for my budget. I love the bright yellow paired with the delicate lace details. I think the fit and flair cut is one that would be flattering on several figures. Plus, it is a dress that you can wear with a cardigan and I’m all about that cardi life. Buy it here.
  2. Francesca’s is my go to store for adult-ish type clothes (any one age 18-35?). All of their dresses make me want to hide my student loans under a rug and look fabulous forever. I found this hot-pink dress and realized it comes in about 12 different colours and is only $20.00! Its a steal! Get it while you can! Here.
  3. The short sleeve blue dress screamed “classy” whenever I saw it. How cute would it look with brown wedges and pearls? Eep! Just take my money! I like to peruse through boutique websites and Red Dress Boutique is one of my favorites. They can be a little pricey, but all of their clothes are super trendy and good quality too. It is a decent price, coming to $34.00. But it here.
  4. Finally I have my splurge item and of course its from J Crew (factory). You have been living under a rock if you have not seen this perfectly polka-dotted dress. I feel like nothing could go wrong to anyone wearing this dress. Again, I would pair it with some brown wedges, a slim belt, and some pearls for Easter. To justify the price ($93.00), this dress  would be one that I would wear for several different occasions. I can see myself wearing it with a denim jacket and converse; with sandals and a straw hat; with adidas and my favorite baseball cap; with birkenstocks with a ribbon in my hair. Basically we all need this dress like Opera needs to give us a new car. Buy it here.

And that’s it! I hope you all have a great Easter and remember the reason why we dress up in the first place (Jesus!). I always felt torn buying a new dress for Easter, but I know now that the happiness of the celebration is shown culturally through fashion. People want to wear their best and I’ve come to terms with that. It doesn’t change the season if you don’t get a new dress, and you can have fun re-styling what you already have!

Whether you go to church every Sunday, only on Easter and Christmas, or not at all, I truly wish you a great season of happiness, joy, and hope.

Casual Wardrobe Staples

My favorite outfits are casual ones. I have some pretty versatile staples in my closet, so today I’m sharing a few of the ones that I wear most often and how I style them. These items are perfect for cooler days when you don’t need a coat or snow gear (I love my bean boots, but on sunny days I like to bring out my ride or die converses).



I have THREE blanket scarves. I love over sized items, but blanket scarves are my go-to items to feel cozy and cute at the same time. I found this scarf on Amazon and it is SO soft. You can find blanket scarves almost anywhere now in almost any print or solid colour. This one is classic plaid with green and red accents and will always be my favorite. Plus, I love the way the plaid looks with my simple striped long sleeve tee (Forever 21).



My jean jacket is slightly distressed and I’m obsessed with it. I found it for 16 dollars at Ross and bought it in a Medium so it wouldn’t be too fitted. I really wanted one from Topshop that was distressed just like this one, so I got lucky by finding such a cheap look-a-like. Never discount Ross or TJMaxx to come through!

I love wearing my jean jacket with skirts, but black jeans are my favorite comfortable option. These black denim jeans are from The Limited. I absolutely love their jeans, and I’m so sad that the company has recently had to file bankruptcy. This ALWAYS happens when I find favorite jeans (RIP Delias)… so please let me know if you have suggestions for taller girls!


P.S. I carry this SKIMM tote everywhere with me. I’m a girl on the go so I firmly believe in always saving time, money, and of course plastic bags on a daily basis. I love the Skimm and wanted to also share some info about it here since I had my bag in some shots. The Skimm is a great online news source company that sends daily news to your inbox every morning. I have never been one to stay up to date with global news until I found the Skimm. Its free and only takes 5 minutes to read (I usually read on my commute). I like the witty tone of their articles, their neutral standpoints that they truly try to maintain, and the daily contests that they include that spices up the news experience. You can sign up here with my personal link — THE SKIMM SIGN UP


*I am not sponsored by the SKIMM, though every “Skimmbassador” is encouraged to share the Skimm with their social circles. Thanks for reading!