Outfit of the Day: Casual Cinderella Bound

If there’s one thing that can get me through a rough day, it is sunshine. The first thing that my husband said to me when I woke up was, “It’s going to be warm and sunny today.” I was instantly motivated and felt like I should have a little fun with my outfit today.

Seeing my motivation to get out of bed, I instantly thought of this cute little collar clip from the Etsy store, Femmedebloom. The clip features two blue birds from Disney’s Cinderella — yes, these are birds that help her get out of bed and get dressed. The collar clip is easily styled with a button down shirt, cardigan, or blazer (like my Wonder Woman Bound from the fall). It is such a unique and cute accessory!

I have been in a little bit of a messy slump lately. I haven’t felt like doing my hair or makeup, or even putting on real pants. But with the sun and my princess inspired outfit, I could not stop smiling today. I felt like a flower blooming after a long winter and depressing spring. I’m thankful for days that make me feel at ease, warm, and overall happy.  Here’s to many more warm days ahead!


Dress for the Job You Want?

This past year I learned a major lesson as a woman in the work force…

The aphorism, “dress for the job you want and not for the job you have,” is not only true, but it is remarkably difficult to calculate into a feminist mindset. At what point can an outfit damage or enhance job opportunity based on external assessment by your peers and superiors? Entering into the world of professional dress, I found that there is this profound and unspoken pressure to conform to the formula that being good at your job also means that you dress only in the standard professional dress code.

Where does my personality go when I must stifle it under shoulder pads? Must I wear heels to be considered a titan of my field? How can I negotiate this in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m only dressing to impress other people?

I love fashion as expression of personality and I think that people (women and men), can utilize fashion in ways to promote self confidence, self-discovery, and experimentation. I think the professional wardrobe confuses this function of fashion, but it doesn’t have to end it. Now that I’m seriously building my young professional wear section of my closet, I am realizing that I will only feel comfortable doing my job if I look and feel like myself.

Therefore, my clothing needs to be intentional, right?

I made a short list of the qualities I want my wardrobe to reflect about me (the qualities I find important):





If I am ever stuck on whether or not an item is what I want to wear or what I think people want me to wear, I ask if the item reflects these qualities. Does it make me feel like me?

I also made a vision board on Pinterest to find what styles I was most likely to gravitate toward. I noticed that my board slowly became a collection of cinched pants, a-line skirts, sheath dresses, and kitten heels. I noticed I was attracted to pops of color and structured blazers for outfits with skinny jeans. Overall, it took about 15 minutes to make my board and to realize my vision and begin searching for particular clothing prices to buy under a narrower approach.

Overall, does it really matter how you dress at work?

After a two years with the same job, I can say that it makes a difference. I am a teacher, and the first year teaching I was very casual. The next, I decided to dress slightly more put together than my students, and I got an instant response of respect. So… I would say that for me it does matter. I guess what I am trying to say is that you can make your style matter for yourself just as much as it matters to other people. Fashion should still be about you! So why not curate your professional wardrobe to show the boss you really are!? Being intentional about clothing does not make it a matter of ego or passively submitting to conformed notions of what a woman is and how she should dress. It is about taking the power of fashion as a symbol of yourself and making that power your own

And It Was All Yellow

Hi my name is Forrest and yellow has a special place in my heart. I have always loved the colour, but rarely find the right shade to compliment my fair skin tone and green eyes (which can turn a little catty in contrast with sunny hues). This season I have noticed a wonderful array of mustard and daisy yellows in shop windows, and I cannot WAIT to add some of these pieces to my wardrobe.  My personal fave of the bunch is the wrap skirt!

  1.  Waterfall Shirt
  2. Striped Wrap Skirt 
  3. Polka Dot Surplice Top
  4. Slide Sandals
  5. Floral Shift Dress
  6. Kimono
  7. Rain Coat
  8. As If Print

Monday OOTD – Work Casual

Lately I’ve been shopping the Zara sale and I’ve found so many work appropriate items. This silk top is one of my favorite colors (forest green 👌🏻) and is perfect for pairing with jeans for an easy work casual look.

Silk blouses are actually my favorite to wear to work. They aren’t stuffy and they steam easily in the bathroom while I shower (so no ironing!). I paired it with a pair of flare jeans from Gap and my favorite heeled black boots from Amazon. The flare jeans are about 8 years old… but a closet staple for my long legs! The gold necklace is vintage and a part of my late momo’s (grandmother) extensive costume jewelry collection.

Do you want more work casual looks? Let me know in the comments!


Winter Pinks + Perfect Neutral Layering Vest


I am one of the many people who tend to get really sad and gloomy during the winter time. I don’t wan to say that I have SAD, but I do usually opt to sit in front of my happy light for a little extra time at breakfast when I know that I’m facing a cold and miserable day without sun. When I first moved to Toronto I did a giant closet purge, and before I knew it I was left with only greys, blacks, and navys. While I love a good neutral colour, I realized that I missed my bright yellows, merry reds, and happy pastels. I’m slowly incorporating these hues back into my wardrobe and layering them with neutrals rather than being a neutral blob.

My mom gave me this perfect layering vest for Christmas and it is so soft! I usually wear an XS at Old Navy, but the Small actually fits really nicely. Consider sizing up if you are usually in between sizes.

My sister gifted me the holy grail of shoes – Pink Adidas. I literally didn’t even need to break these shoes in because they are MADE FOR MY FEET. I have high arches and long toes (weird), so sometimes shoes are just not shaped for my feet. These are perfect and I love that the colour is so delicate and unexpected. These shoes will be worn a lot in the winter months (when I’m not braving snowy sidewalks) and even more in the spring and summer time.



LIPS: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat “Pillow Talk” (You need this in your life)

Does adding pops of colour to your winter wardrobe combat the winter blues? I think it it is working so far!

Mixed Textures – Chenille Under $15

I’m a very tactile person and always have been. When I was younger my parents would tell me to put my hands in my pockets at stores, museums, the produce section (the list goes on) because I LOVE to touch. The recent emergence of soft fabrics, velvet camis, and silk pants have made me SO HAPPY but also so broke. This chenille sweater I found at Kohls and it’s as soft as a golden retriever puppy chasing a roll of triple ply. The texture is unique and easy to pair with your favorite wool coat, leather jacket, or silk scarf!

I paired it with this chic grey coat from Zara for a monochromatic look and my favorite knee high leather boots.

Sweater here

Coat here (similar)

Headband: @raritybycasey (Instagram)

Boots: old Vince Camuto