Laneige Mini Holiday Hydration Kit

The Holidays are my favorite time to try out skin care products because of all the variety and value sets that are released at Sephora and Ulta. I usually have my eye on a few products and brands that I want to take for a test drive, and this year I was dying to try the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. I have heard great things from Youtubers and stalked so many glowing reviews about this mask, but I was still skeptical of how hydrating it could actually be and if it was really worth the $33 price tag. The Hydration Kit is a perfect starter for the brand and also  comes with the exact product I wanted to try — I bought it instantly. 

I have been testing these products for 2 weeks in order to give an experienced review. The online blurb at Sephora boasts of super hydration as well as aiding dullness and uneven texture.  After using the products, I can definitely attest to the hydration. My skin is usually quite dry in the winter (especially in windy Toronto). The toner and the water essence feel so luxurious after I wash my face; however, the moisture cream is by far my favourite night time moisturizer that I have ever used. It is light, creamy, easy to spread across my face, and also smells like a spa I could never afford.

The Water Sleeping Mask is truly magnificent. It doesn’t feel sticky on your face or leave a bad residue when you wake up in the morning (although I do recommend washing your face off before applying any other product). I can tell a difference in the hydration of my skin, and I also think that it has helped my under eyes perk up as well. I usually don’t shell out for facemasks, but this mask feels like it is a SUPER EXPENSIVE product. Paying 33 dollars feels like a steal because of how elegant and pampering it feels.  

As you can see, the samples do look small. The toner will definitely run out quickly if I use it every day; however, the cream products will last a long time. A little goes a long way.  This set is only available online and I would give it 5 stars in an instant. Each product works well together as a system, but I have no doubt that the mask and moisture cream would be great staples for any skin care routine, especially if you like to treat your self. I can’t wait to try more from Laneige!


Sephora Wish List 2017

Holiday range make-up is my ride or die for creating any wish list. I love special holiday sets or limited edition items, especially if they have holiday packaging (its alway so cheery).  I also enjoy the range of gift sets around the holidays; I always find more stuff that seems catered to my taste in makeup due to the wider variety. Basically, Christmas time is the best time of year for shopping for make up for me.

Here’s what I have my eye on this year at Sephora!

Too Faced Melted Lipstick Under the Kiss-eltoe Set 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.34.29 PM

These lipsticks have such a wearable and comfortable formula. I have yet to find a duplicate for the way it feels on the lips at the drugstore, which makes this kit worth the price in my opinion.

Sephora Favorites – Everyday Superstars Must Haves 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.36.08 PM


Honestly, this kit looks like it was made just for me. The lip colors are spot on; the full size concealer is one that I have been eyeing for YEARS; and the primer is probably the holy grail of all primers. I seriously would recommend this as a gift to anyone, but specifically I want it for myself 😉

Bite Holiday Lip Set: 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.45.50 PMAnother lip set? Yup. Bite makes my all time, ride or die, classic lipstick. I am obsessed with its creamy, all-natural formula and I can’t help but love the brand since it is Canadian! I bought the set last year and I still have quite a bit of product left, so don’t be turned away by the small size of the tubes. The pigment goes a long way!

Milk Makeup- The A Team 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.41.29 PM.png

This brand is very intriguing to me, and after sampling their highlighters in store I am convinced that I need every single shade. The hues are gorgeous and they glide on so easily! The set is a nice change of pace from the loads of highlighting palettes that have surfaced over the past couple of years.

Josie Maran – Best of Skincare Revivers 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.43.51 PM.png

Is there any better gift than heavenly moisturizers in the winter? This one’s a no-brainer. I’m also dying to try the mud mask!

Fall and Winter Lips – Berries and Nudes

There’s just something about adding a little seasonal colour to your lips that makes you feel extra festive with minimal effort. I’m a sucker lipsticks to begin with, but I really swoon for the berry and nude russet shades. Over the years I’ve tried many different formulas and shades from the lowest prices to the highest hype, and I think I finally have a “must-have” collection.

Top: Covergirl x Katy Perry “Maroon Meow”: I discovered this shade after google searching “Veronica Lodge + lipstick” (I’m so basic and I can’t help it). It really is the perfect maroon shade, and the formula is pretty standard for a drugstore brand – however, it does not dry my lips out so it gets all the gold stars for succeeding in that category. The shade adds warmth to your make up look and does not yellow your teeth like some other fall tones tend to do.

First Column: Kat Von D Lipliner “Lolita”:  The iconic shade – but in a lipliner. What I love about the lipliner is that it gives you so much more control in application. The shade is such a stand out shade that application matters tremendously, and the precise tip of the product helps to get it just right. The liner also does not dry out my lips and is a perfect base shade for some of my other fall lipsticks. I love to add Lolita under other shades because it gives a beautiful depth.

Second Column: Revlon HD Matte Liquid Lip “Seduction”: This is quite possibly the best drug store liquid lip formula that I have ever tried. It smells sweet and it also lasts FOREVER. The color is a dark nude that looks amazing on paler skins (like myself). While it claims to be a matte formula, there is always a little shine whenever I wear it, which ends up looking great anyway. There’s a ton of different shades in this range that I would love to add to my collection, but I know I would always come back to this one.

Third Column: Stila Liquid Lip “Angel”:  I’m not going to lie.. I did buy this shade because of the name and my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had my eye on the Stila collection for a while, and when I saw the name + this gorgeous nude color I couldn’t help myself. The formula is very thick, but also dries super fast (it is magic I tell you). The colour is a delicate, but bold, nude. You can definitely tell you are wearing lipstick, which is what I like about this specific shade. Sometimes nudes tend to disappear on the lips (which makes them true to their name), but it also diminishes the major perks of wearing a lip colour (especially if you pay money for it, right?).

Bottom: NYX Soft Matte Creme “Copenhagen”: This is a trusty, vampiric burgundy with a gorgeous matte finish. In comparison to the Revlon (slightly shiny and thin) and Stila (creamy and thick), the NYX finish stands out  because it feels less like paint and more like a whipped topping when you apply it, and then it magically gives a beautiful matte look to the lips in an flash. It stands out amongst my growing liquid lip collection because it also does not make my lips look like they are suffering and dismantling themselves from within (aka no drying out, which is impressive for matte).

Perfume: Burberry

Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson

Sephora – Give Me Some Nude Lip Set

It doesn’t take much for Sephora to lure me into their grasp. This lip set was basically a magnet for me. I had hoped to get my hands on a previous set; however, the colours were all to dark for my vampire skin tone. This set is very complimentary for pale girls, and I think that the colours would definitely work on darker skin tones too. It was definitely worth the wait. Read below for a run down of the products included:

Here’s what you get:


-Anastasia Beverly Hills® Lip Gloss in Kristen (cool desert sand)
-Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Enamored Hi Shine Lip Lacquer in Sugar Sugar (champagne-gold shimmer and a Jacylyn Hill favourite)
-NARS Cosmetics Velvet Lip Glide in Bound (rose pink)
-Tarte lippie lingerie matte tint in Revealed (light mocha)
-Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Spice Girl (pink nude)
-Urban Decay Vice Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Trivial (matte pink nude Full size)

First off, the Urban Decay lipstick is FULL SIZE, which pretty much  makes the kit a great bargain. It usually retails for $24 CAD and the set itself is $33 CAD. So for 9 more dollars you get 5 extra wonderful products to try.


At first I was a little disappointed that the set had three liquid lips and no lip liner. However, these formulas are top notch. After trying the Nars formula first, I thought there was no way the others could be as comfortable. Liquid lips usually dry out and look crusty and gross after an hour or two. The Nars formula stayed flexible and present all day – plus the dusty rose colour is very unique and flattering.

The Anastasia liquid lip did just as well, but it had a special sheen to it that I hadn’t seen before. I couldn’t believe I lucked out with two amazing liquid lips in one set. My lips don’t regret it!



The Marc Jacobs gloss is something that I have wanted to try for a super long time. Jaclyn Hill raves about this colour and formula, but paying $34 dollars for a lip gloss is not my thing. When I saw it in this  kit, I knew that it would be the perfect chance to try it. It smells amazing and it also isn’t too goopy. The colour is really nice and the only down side is that I’m now hooked.

The Too Faced Lip Injection was a little intimidating at first. I had used their “Bee Sting” injection product back in the day and it  made EVERYTHING on my face tingle. It felt like I had literally gotten stung by a bee. This one is very toned down, but the tingling feeling is still noticeable. I recommend wearing this over another colour – whether it be a lipliner, a liquid lip, or just plan lipstick.

The tarte lippie is a little dark, but not unforgiving on my sun begotten skin. The formula is good, but I have a feeling that the full size is a little nicer than the mini version – which does happen sometimes (especially with mascaras!).

Overall I say it is a 9/10 for this set. I love the great products with surprising consistency in the formulas. The one set back that I have is the lack of lip liner – but there is nothing to complain about with the integrity of the products included!

Available at Sephora now – these sell out very fast so get them while you can!


KVD Lolita Lip Liner Review: Influenster Box

FullSizeRender (25)

I was super excited when I received the email that I was going to be getting the Kat Von D Lip Liner from Influenster and even more excited when I saw that it came in the iconic shade ‘Lolita’.

FullSizeRender (23)

This product is true to it’s liquid lip sister – it is a gorgeous chestnut rose colour that actually looked pretty good on my pale skin (I was afraid it would be too dark). It is long lasting, and it vegan & cruelty free. Plus, it has a great literary reference like many of her other products (I love my Hemingway and Woolf eyeliners!)

FullSizeRender (27)

The liner is super creamy and it winds up so you don’t have to worry about sharpening it. The liner wore well throughout the day, with only a tiny bit of dryness occurring and I only needed to touch up once (after dinner). I think I actually prefer the lip liner to the liquid lipstick because it is so easy to touch up due to the small tip and the actual product is so sleek and fits right in my teeny tiny purse.


FullSizeRender (24)The formula was one that I enjoy, but is also very similar to the wind up NYX lip liners. They are also super creamy, long lasting, and are about 20 dollars less; however, NYX does not have a shade even close to ‘Lolita’ and some of the other unique shades in the KVD collection.

Overall, I would recommend this shade and product to a beauty lover, especially if they were in the market for a cruelty free product. Once this one is gone it will be hard to not justify buying it again because I have already received so many compliments on it today alone. Totally worth it!

If you are wanting to sign up for influenster, here is my referral

Make sure to connect all social medias and to do a few reviews, ask some questions about products & answer them too. It is important to always keep your profile up to date, so you may want to download the influestenster app as well.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy! Do you have a fave lip liner? Let me know!


*I received this product for review purposes complimentary from Influenster. All opinions are my own.

Winter Skincare Favorites

I have discovered some new skin care items that have made dealing with dry and irritable skin so much easier. Toronto is a windy city, and even with a full face of makeup I can feel the wind ripping away at my skin. At the end of the day, I try to take extra care of my skin and go beyond just simply moisturizing it.


I love the Garnier Micellar Water because it is EXTRA gentle. I never like to feel like my face is receiving the washboard treatment with micellar water. I like the Garnier water because it feels more gentle and refreshing than the Simple Micellar Water; however, the Simple line does need less application for full makeup removal. I usually have to use about twice as much of the Garnier water, so after the winter season I may switch back to Simple. But for now this one is working wonders on my skin.


The First Aid Beauty brand is made for sensitive skin. I initially tested these Exfoliator Pads at my local Sephora and the employee said that it works like tiny little micro-exfoliators that eat away at dead skin without causing irritation. She also said that you can cut each pad in half and it still be a full application (a money saving tip that I definitely do now). I was a little skeptical about this sort of exfoliation, but let me tell you… I am a true believer now. The area between my brows used to be bumpy and scaly all the time, but it is so smooth and pretty now! My nose doesn’t even feel like my own nose any more. Basically, I feel like I have new skin! Miracle product!


Finally, I love this face mask from Lush. It does smell extremely minty, so if you have sensitive eyes it may get to you. The mask as a lot of texture and it doesn’t absorb into the face like a traditional clay mask. Whenever it is on your face it feels very refreshing, and when you gently scrub it off your face is extra glowy. I use the mask about twice a week, and I still have a ton left! Unlike the “fresh” face masks from Lush this one lasts three months and has preservatives so it is easier to finish up a pot without it going bad. Don’t forget that if you save your pots, you can turn 5 in for a free mask!

How has the winter been treating your skin? Have you found any miracle products that I should try?

xx – Forrest

Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick (minis)

Be… (wait for it)… LEGENDARY.


We are all guilty of the temptation that is the “isle of doom” in Sephora and Ulta. These are the isles with the fun samples of makeup, skin care, hair products, ect. that await avid customers as they approach the check out.

Personally, I have found that these isles can be a hit or miss. The products range in their quality, and when you do a detailed price comparison with full size products it is hardly ever worth it. However….

I have found that several brands have upped their game. Smashbox in particular has this great set of mini lipsticks that happens to be a great bang for your buck, plus the mini lipsticks live up to  the impeccable quality of the full sized ones. I chose this set in particular because I have been LOVING cream lipsticks with a slight sheen.


From Left to Right: — Famous (pink neutral), Primrose (mauve pink), Fig (red grape)

Plus the colour options are new to me, but not too crazy. I like feeling like I will actually wear every option in sets like these, and the colours available in this set are so versatile (esp for pale girls like me!). I have worn each colour once, and the finish is exactly what I wanted. No wonder these lipsticks won the Best Of Beauty Award from Allure in 2016. They really are Legendary. My favorite is the Primrose colour. It lasts for such a long time, and it also looks great with my favourite lip liner (Charlotte Tilbury’s “Pillow Talk”).

I give this set a 5/5.You can purchase it here for only $26! Be Legendary Cream Lipstick Set

Have you found anything AMAZING in the “isle of doom” lately? Let me know!

xx – Forrest