A Young Female PhD Student – My first encounter with “innocent” misogyny

I started my Ph.D. in the Humanities in the Fall of 2015. Riding out the energy from finishing my Master’s degree the previous term, I was ready to begin the long winded process of receiving the title of “doctor”.

Every Ph.D. student in my program receives a Teaching Assistantship (TAship). The TA’s assist in grading and examinations for full time courses, and they are also given designated tutorials to help students learn how to work with the material in their given class. Being a TA was a dream come true – I love grading and it was like an apprenticeship before I actually got to direct my own course one day.

Every year there are workshops at the beginning of the year for new TA’s to attend in order to learn the ins and outs of the classroom. During the first session (which had about 60 other keen Ph.D. students from several different departments), I was approached by an administrator. He was tall and thin with white hair and glasses. He asked for a private conversation, and then began whispering to me at a level where the rest of my peers in the immediate area could hear exactly what he said: “You are so young. Students tend to not respect younger women, so are you prepared to deal with the consequences of that?” My jaw dropped. My beet red face was throbbing with anxiety and anger. I was singled out. I was not scared of his warning, but more concerned with the reason why he would feel he needed to approach me before I had even entered a classroom.

When this administrator approached me, he set a very dangerous equation before me: (age)+(gender)+(authority) = disrespect from students. What was left unsaid? This could possibly lead to an ineffective classroom model for both me and my students. This is a bold assumption. This is “innocent” misogyny that seems to come from a place of care… but it doesn’t.

Fast forward to today.

My first year as a TA in the classroom wasn’t easy; the second year was better; and this year is the best so far. I teach full courses in the summer as an adjunct professor at another university. And you know what? I have never been disrespected by a student. My students are awesome. I have excellent attendance from my students. I have excellent evaluations. I feel good about my overall experience.

Further, I have witnessed that students who are held to accountable to a mutual respectful relationship rise to that task. I am sure there are the outliers and that some professors (both women and men) have been disrespected in more ways than one in the classroom; however, it seems toxic to expect disrespect before class even starts.

That first conversation with the male administrator illuminated a problem that continues to be confirmed for me: male authority figures at my university judge me by my age and gender and not on my merit. While I may be expected to succeed, it is not surprising if I fail. I have been belittled by that one administrator, my program director (indirect), and the first professor who I worked for (who thought I was too young and unexperienced, and therefore useless. Might I point out that he read his lecture straight from the powerpoint….).

I am not really sure how to end this post. I think this ugly symptom of graduate school is problematic, but definitely not the end-all-be-all of my career or the very capable women around me. I am disappointed every time I have faced a male authority figure who sees my age and gender as a liability, but part of me just loves proving them wrong.

Let’s go ladies.

*PS: I also should add that the university that I teach at in the summer is amazing and gives me hope for equitable relationships in the academic workplace.


Walking on Lake Ontario – Free Toronto Weekend Adventure

Do you ever do something awesome and then immediately feel like you should have had it on your curated bucket list? It’s probably not an every day occurrence, a random enjoyable experience can sneak up on you and you just know that it was bucket list worthy.

This sort of experience happened to us last week (and by us I mean: me, the husband, and the dog).

It was another day of going to the dog park with our pup. We decided to forgo our normal winter area and check our the Cherry Beach dog park since it was above freezing and parking is free. When we got there, we realized the lake was FROZEN SOLID. Not only that but people were walking on the ice… with their dogs!

We had heard tell of this before, but we’re not necessarily all that familiar with winter. In my mind ice = danger. I think of scenes with near death experiences from Its a Wonderful Life, Little Women, The Chronicles Of Narnia, etc. However, how could we pass up a chance to walk on a Great Lake?? & with our dog??

When we stepped our onto the ice I went into oscillating states of happiness and pure fear. Eventually the fear went away and I was able to really take in how amazing this happen stance opportunity was. I could tell that walking on the lake was kind of normal to other people there, but it was honestly something that I would have never known that I wanted to do until I did it. It was beautiful, natural, and a lot of fun!

Friday Favourites – Hodge Podge

This week I have been completely bedridden. Whatever is going around, it doesn’t vibe with me. However, I’ve still have some great things to share (including my most recent Netflix binge!).

  1. Urban Outfitters look-a-like dress: Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 9.11.04 PM.png

I have been on the hunt for this dress ever since October and then I finally took the chance and ordered it from shein. I’ve heard horror stories of websites like this one, but I double checked my measurements and ordered it. It fits so well! It looks just like the one I wanted from Urban Outiftters for a third of the price.

2.  Trollhunters

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 9.08.21 PM.png

Alright, hear me out. This show may look like it is for children under 10 years old, but it is honestly some of the best story telling that I have ever watched. The characters are diverse and dynamic. The pacing of the story is just right. And the main voice actor is the belovedly-lost-too-young Anton Yelchin. I’m seriously a fan girl and can’t recommend the show enough! Plus it is written by Guillermo del Toro – oscar nominated for Shape of the Water. 

3. Sonic Care Toothbrush (Target)

Something really weird about me is that I have a super acidic mouth. As such, I am super prone to cavities and my dentist has been BEGGING me to get an electric toothbrush after he painfully gave me 12 fillings in one year. I put it off because it seemed ridiculous that I could achieve astronomically better results with an electric toothbrush. I was wrong. So wrong. My teeth are honestly cleaner and I believe they are a whole shade whiter after 2 weeks. Lesson learned. I got this light pink coloured one from Target for Christmas and I love it!

4. Lush Valentine’s Collection

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 9.06.35 PM.png

Rose is one of my favourite lush scents, so I go a little crazy around Valentine’s day. I have my eye on some new items this year and I’m definitely stocking up on the best body wash I’ve ever smelled. 

5. Walking on Lake Ontario!

This weekend we went to the beach at Lake Ontario to visit the dog park. We go all the time, but this was our first visit when the lake was frozen at the shore. I have never seen anything like it! Full blog post coming soon!

Friday Favourites | Girl Power

  1. Girl Power – My favourite thing that I have seen this week and possibly this year has been Aly Raisman’s kick ass (pardon the french, but I feel strongly about this) address to her gymnastics coach. Aly vocalized what many victims only dream of telling their attacker / harasser: “I have the power and the voice now; you are nothing.” Not only did she defend herself and other women, but Aly full on attacked the infrastructure of the US Gymnastics Organization. Her conviction brought me to tears and also enlightened me about this very serious issue that seems to have been swept under the rug for way too long. Watch her speech here. 
  2. Getting creative – I finally opened my Etsy shop! I’ve been closed since December and also working on some new products for my Disney loving friends. My favourite thing that I have designed for 2018 are cosmetic bags (and I’m partial to the Mary Poppins one). Mary Poppins CBag
  3. Evaluation Research – this is a very specific thing that may not apply to everyone. As a future professor and a current TA, teaching evaluations are a large part of hiring processes in my life. I have been given tons of research by my union that has informed me of the incredible biases in these evaluations, especially concerning gender and race. Even though the research is depressing and disturbing, I am glad that this sort of research is being conducted to help better the job security of professors. Here are some of the more informative links:
    1. http://activehistory.ca/2017/03/shes-hot-female-sessional-instructors-gender-bias-and-student-evaluations/
    2. http://www.npr.org/sections/ed/2014/09/26/345515451/student-course-evaluations-get-an-f
  4. New Girl – I have recently started re-watching New Girl on Netflix and I don’t know why I ever stopped. Often I will choose to rewatch a show instead of starting something new and I really don’t regret it in this instance. I still relate to Jess just as much as I did 5 years ago. The only downside is that it makes me want to get bangs. new-girl3
  5. Crazy Rich Asians – As a Ph.D. student, I read all the time; however, it is rarely for pleasure. I really wanted to read a highly engaging fictional book (for a female audience) and came across CRA on a “Best Sellers” shelf at Indigo and was intrigued. I mean… just look at that cover art! I bought it later at a used book store and could not put it down. The story telling is incredible and the ending leaves you wanting more! The characters are polarizing too – you love the lovable characters and you love to hate the mean ones. It is very much like a Cinderella Story-meets Gossip Girl-meets-Singapore type of feel. I 100% recommend it! Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 12.34.40 PM.png

New Year – New Goals // 2018 Resolutions

2017 was the first year that I actually set resolutions and stuck to a few of them. I made a note on my iPhone and revisited it constantly in order to get more motivation. I slacked on the fitness schedule and the reading for pleasure goals that I set for myself; HOWEVER, last year I also set the goal of drinking more water and eating MORE vegetables and learning to cook with veggies and I KILLED it.

I learned so many vegetarian and vegan recipes that I incorporate into my weekly menu and genuinely love. I also carried a water container with me nearly every day and  balanced by coffee intake with my water intake (drinking 1 cup coffee = have to drink 4 cups water). Both my gut health and skin health have changed drastically because of these two small changes.

This year I have more goals and resolutions that the last, but I am willing to stick to them after my mild success from last year.

Here is my list!

Spend time with friends and family – this goal is mainly set because I am getting into studying for exams and writing my dissertation. I tend to go full dark no stars in the most unsocial of ways, and I want to make sure that my loved ones do not feel neglected or like I am putting them really far down on my priority list. Quality time is one of my main love languages, and I want to focus on planning that quality time rather than waiting on it to happen.

  1. Take initiative to make phone calls and Marco Polo calls (new favorite video app)
  2. Make date nights 2x a month and take advantage of NEW places to eat
  3. More game nights with friends
  4. 30 minute walk with Ollie every day

Travel – travel is something that I LUST for but cannot afford. I have these dreams of going on 2 week escape trips to the Swiss Alps or the streets of India; however, those big beautiful places will have to wait. This year I’m focusing on continental travel and my main goals are to visit Chicago and Boston. I would like to also start planning a trip to Scotland for 2019. I’ll be pinning a bunch of ideas on my travel board on Pinterest.

 Create 5 recipes – cooking has become my de-stresser activity. I love creating new flavors and experimenting, but I never write down any of my successful dishes and rarely remember how I made them. This year I want to focus on taking time to finely tune some of the recipes that I throw together often, but have yet to perfect. I would also LOVE to create the perfect martini for my household. Everyone has their own taste in what makes a good martini, and I want to make one that has a twist that is unique to me and my husband. Stay tuned!

Budget apps – I hate online banking. I despise it for no apparent reason and sometimes its embarassing to admit that I literally do not touch our finances if I do not have to. I like to think that I am a budgeter, but the gospel truth is that I simply spend what I have to and rarely splurge. That is NOT budgeting. I’m looking into apps that track your spending and also help you to save. Hopefully this helps me to begin taking care of my finances a little better. Have any suggestions? Leave a comment!

Volunteer – I have always had an excuse to not volunteer: I’m too busy. It turns out that several organizations, including ones at my own church, only need 2 hours per week and its very schedule oriented. This is time that I take to watch Netflix or literally do nothing at all. That changes this year. On December 23rd I sent an application into my local UN and I also have some plans to volunteer with cultural institutional promotions in Toronto too.

Take a self defence course Do I even need to explain this one?

Decorate Bedroom – Right now my bedroom feels so old and drab. It is not cozy in the least bit. Rest is very important to me, but there are points where I feel stifled when I’m trying to relax in a space that seems impossible to relax in. I would love to rethink the aesthetic of the space and also try to keep it more clean throughout the week.

Instagram master – I truly admire anyone who has a clean and polished instagram feed.  I love the idea of having a theme, but I never have enough patience to really work for it. This year I want to focus on creating a theme every season and sticking to it. I know that this takes time to create content and edit it and I am willing to do it for the gram. 

Blogilates – This is a goal that is coming from my routine at the end of 2017. I started watching Cassey Ho on Youtube and I love her channel. Her workouts are simple and short, but I can easily stack them if I have a free 30 minutes. Her recipes are also very delicious and I love trying her easy lunch options! I normally do videos, but she also has a ton of blogilates graphics that are easy workouts too. My goal is to do her 28 day challenge in  January and then workout for 30 minutes every other day with her videos and graphics. It is free and you can do it at home, so why not?!







Holiday Season Bucket List 2017 –

Perhaps one of the best parts of the Holiday Season is the chance to take extra opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. With busy schedules, traveling, and a tight budget, I want to take time to plan out what I really want to do this year with my friends and family. This is something that I have been doing for a long time so I don’t miss out on any of the holiday cheer. I wanted to share my bucket list and also encourage you to write your own. What are some of your must-do items this year? Share in a comment below!

Holiday Season


Blush Pink Gift Guide 2017

My best friend and I used to have a saying: “if there’s ever a choice in life, the answer is always pink”. So if you are asking yourself what you should get your sister, BFF, or your office secret Santa this year, then you now know your answer: PINK.

Blush pink (aka millennial) pink is quite possibly one of the most recognizable trends of 2017. It’s popular, lovable, stylish — Who wouldn’t want a little pink gift under the tree? From make-up to decor, this gift guide has got you covered.

Here’s where to get started on buying the perfect blush pink gifts (click the link under the picture to shop!) :






Zodiac Print


Sperry Shoes

Kate Spade Passport Holder