Sephora – Give Me Some Nude Lip Set

It doesn’t take much for Sephora to lure me into their grasp. This lip set was basically a magnet for me. I had hoped to get my hands on a previous set; however, the colours were all to dark for my vampire skin tone. This set is very complimentary for pale girls, and I think that the colours would definitely work on darker skin tones too. It was definitely worth the wait. Read below for a run down of the products included:

Here’s what you get:


-Anastasia Beverly Hills® Lip Gloss in Kristen (cool desert sand)
-Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Enamored Hi Shine Lip Lacquer in Sugar Sugar (champagne-gold shimmer and a Jacylyn Hill favourite)
-NARS Cosmetics Velvet Lip Glide in Bound (rose pink)
-Tarte lippie lingerie matte tint in Revealed (light mocha)
-Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in Spice Girl (pink nude)
-Urban Decay Vice Waterproof Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Trivial (matte pink nude Full size)

First off, the Urban Decay lipstick is FULL SIZE, which pretty much  makes the kit a great bargain. It usually retails for $24 CAD and the set itself is $33 CAD. So for 9 more dollars you get 5 extra wonderful products to try.


At first I was a little disappointed that the set had three liquid lips and no lip liner. However, these formulas are top notch. After trying the Nars formula first, I thought there was no way the others could be as comfortable. Liquid lips usually dry out and look crusty and gross after an hour or two. The Nars formula stayed flexible and present all day – plus the dusty rose colour is very unique and flattering.

The Anastasia liquid lip did just as well, but it had a special sheen to it that I hadn’t seen before. I couldn’t believe I lucked out with two amazing liquid lips in one set. My lips don’t regret it!



The Marc Jacobs gloss is something that I have wanted to try for a super long time. Jaclyn Hill raves about this colour and formula, but paying $34 dollars for a lip gloss is not my thing. When I saw it in this  kit, I knew that it would be the perfect chance to try it. It smells amazing and it also isn’t too goopy. The colour is really nice and the only down side is that I’m now hooked.

The Too Faced Lip Injection was a little intimidating at first. I had used their “Bee Sting” injection product back in the day and it  made EVERYTHING on my face tingle. It felt like I had literally gotten stung by a bee. This one is very toned down, but the tingling feeling is still noticeable. I recommend wearing this over another colour – whether it be a lipliner, a liquid lip, or just plan lipstick.

The tarte lippie is a little dark, but not unforgiving on my sun begotten skin. The formula is good, but I have a feeling that the full size is a little nicer than the mini version – which does happen sometimes (especially with mascaras!).

Overall I say it is a 9/10 for this set. I love the great products with surprising consistency in the formulas. The one set back that I have is the lack of lip liner – but there is nothing to complain about with the integrity of the products included!

Available at Sephora now – these sell out very fast so get them while you can!



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