Happy International Women’s Day!


The picture above contains a few items that remind me of the inspiring women in my life. Since it is international women’s day, I wanted to make a post about these women and give them the recognition that I think they deserve. Do I know all of these women in person? No. One is even fictional. But nonetheless, as I have grown up I have learned how to be a better woman and person from these figures.

Audrey Hepburn


Audrey’s life is so inspirational. When I think of who I want to be as a woman, I think of Audrey’s characteristics. She had style, grace, a sense of humour, and she was also a hardworking, humble, lady. I love watching her films, and I continually eye her cookbook at my local bookshop. I’m also obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Holly Golightly’s character (more so in the film) is one that I relate so much to. I think everyone feels a little lost and like you need somewhere that makes sense… like Tiffany’s. I also think everyone needs to give themselves a chance at love. Even if it scares you.




maxresdefault.jpgJaclyn Hill:

Jaclyn’s youtube channel is my holy grail. She continues to teach me new makeup tricks, but even more importantly, she teaches women and girls everywhere to believe in themselves. Even if you struggle with depression or anxiety, Jaclyn shows women that it is okay to show emotions, to stick up for yourself, or even take a day off.  Her Champagne Pop palette is my ride or die. I bought it for myself as a present for getting my first teaching job and it never disappoints!

Judy Hopps: 09987cc8e74235c28410c80bf94d7121.png

I designed the t-shirt above on a whim. I used a t-shirt transfer and an online graphic design template from canva (my new favorite website). When I first watched Zootopia I was in the middle of my first year as a PhD student in Toronto. I related so much to Judy’s desire to succeed, her ambition, and her fear concerning failure or lack of acceptance because she was different. Zootopia is a great movie for ANYONE who has felt any of these things and  Judy is possibly the Disney character I feel like I have the most in common with (I wish it were a princess, but I’m not mad its a bunny). I have an Etsy shop that I literally JUST opened and it has a few inspiring quotes from Disney favorites.

The Women in my family: The pearls and perfume are gifts from my grandmother (Darst) and sister, respectively. I love all the women in my family so much, and they have all taught me something about what it means to be patient and to listen. I think the lesson that I have most enjoyed learning from my younger sister is that you can never have too much fun. As she has grown up, she has worked hard to save for all sorts of different travel experiences and I am supremely jealous and proud of the way she truly lives her life.


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