My Favorite Free Workout Ideas!

We all know that paying to go to the gym sometimes isn’t an option. With my budget, I choose to do other types of experiences rather than go to the gym. That being said, I’ve become a researcher and a tester of free workouts. Here are some of my favorite ways to sweat it out!

  1. The Best of youtube-3-xxl.png

I’m a firm believer in the power of a Youtube video! I love finding different channels to sub to so I get notifications of new workouts.

If you are looking for a quick sweat:

Pop Sugar Fitness – a classic channel that gets you moving in so many different ways! They even have workouts you can do in high heels.

Christine Bullock – she’s a great instructor and her videos are easy to squeeze into busy schedules. I love her challenge videos!

If you are looking for Yoga:

Yoga with Adrienne  – she’s amazing! Even if you are a beginner, she will teach you the  yoga ways.

     2. Pinterest

This is a black hole. My suggestion is to start a board and only pin target areas that you want to work on. Here’s my board! It is very ab and love handle based, which are my target areas at the moment. As you scroll you can kind of tell where I was trying to target… which is also where I was gaining weight.

     3. Use your surroundings!

Do you live in an apartment building? I run the stairs in my apartment and it KILLS the cardio game. I am always surprised about how effective running up 18 flights can be! Plus, it is a good way to get my dog (Oliver) up and moving too.

You can always go the park and do chair dips on a bench, lunges, pull ups, ect. It is super cold in Toronto right now, so my workouts need to be inside or I’ll cry the entire time.

4. Check out free samples of workout programs. Have you heard of BBG? Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide is all the rage right now, but is still around an 80 dollar cost for beginners. You can always sign up for a FREE trial, and sign up if you like it. The BBG trial is a week long chart that guides you through typical workouts that you would find in the full digital download. It is worth a try! Sign up here. I tried it, and while it was really good… I just pulled the purse strings tight once more. Alas, I’m frugal.

We all like to look and feel our best, and I hope you enjoyed getting to see how I attempt to do those things without breaking the bank! Happy work outs





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