Casual Wardrobe Staples

My favorite outfits are casual ones. I have some pretty versatile staples in my closet, so today I’m sharing a few of the ones that I wear most often and how I style them. These items are perfect for cooler days when you don’t need a coat or snow gear (I love my bean boots, but on sunny days I like to bring out my ride or die converses).



I have THREE blanket scarves. I love over sized items, but blanket scarves are my go-to items to feel cozy and cute at the same time. I found this scarf on Amazon and it is SO soft. You can find blanket scarves almost anywhere now in almost any print or solid colour. This one is classic plaid with green and red accents and will always be my favorite. Plus, I love the way the plaid looks with my simple striped long sleeve tee (Forever 21).



My jean jacket is slightly distressed and I’m obsessed with it. I found it for 16 dollars at Ross and bought it in a Medium so it wouldn’t be too fitted. I really wanted one from Topshop that was distressed just like this one, so I got lucky by finding such a cheap look-a-like. Never discount Ross or TJMaxx to come through!

I love wearing my jean jacket with skirts, but black jeans are my favorite comfortable option. These black denim jeans are from The Limited. I absolutely love their jeans, and I’m so sad that the company has recently had to file bankruptcy. This ALWAYS happens when I find favorite jeans (RIP Delias)… so please let me know if you have suggestions for taller girls!


P.S. I carry this SKIMM tote everywhere with me. I’m a girl on the go so I firmly believe in always saving time, money, and of course plastic bags on a daily basis. I love the Skimm and wanted to also share some info about it here since I had my bag in some shots. The Skimm is a great online news source company that sends daily news to your inbox every morning. I have never been one to stay up to date with global news until I found the Skimm. Its free and only takes 5 minutes to read (I usually read on my commute). I like the witty tone of their articles, their neutral standpoints that they truly try to maintain, and the daily contests that they include that spices up the news experience. You can sign up here with my personal link — THE SKIMM SIGN UP


*I am not sponsored by the SKIMM, though every “Skimmbassador” is encouraged to share the Skimm with their social circles. Thanks for reading!




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