Winter Skincare Favorites

I have discovered some new skin care items that have made dealing with dry and irritable skin so much easier. Toronto is a windy city, and even with a full face of makeup I can feel the wind ripping away at my skin. At the end of the day, I try to take extra care of my skin and go beyond just simply moisturizing it.


I love the Garnier Micellar Water because it is EXTRA gentle. I never like to feel like my face is receiving the washboard treatment with micellar water. I like the Garnier water because it feels more gentle and refreshing than the Simple Micellar Water; however, the Simple line does need less application for full makeup removal. I usually have to use about twice as much of the Garnier water, so after the winter season I may switch back to Simple. But for now this one is working wonders on my skin.


The First Aid Beauty brand is made for sensitive skin. I initially tested these Exfoliator Pads at my local Sephora and the employee said that it works like tiny little micro-exfoliators that eat away at dead skin without causing irritation. She also said that you can cut each pad in half and it still be a full application (a money saving tip that I definitely do now). I was a little skeptical about this sort of exfoliation, but let me tell you… I am a true believer now. The area between my brows used to be bumpy and scaly all the time, but it is so smooth and pretty now! My nose doesn’t even feel like my own nose any more. Basically, I feel like I have new skin! Miracle product!


Finally, I love this face mask from Lush. It does smell extremely minty, so if you have sensitive eyes it may get to you. The mask as a lot of texture and it doesn’t absorb into the face like a traditional clay mask. Whenever it is on your face it feels very refreshing, and when you gently scrub it off your face is extra glowy. I use the mask about twice a week, and I still have a ton left! Unlike the “fresh” face masks from Lush this one lasts three months and has preservatives so it is easier to finish up a pot without it going bad. Don’t forget that if you save your pots, you can turn 5 in for a free mask!

How has the winter been treating your skin? Have you found any miracle products that I should try?

xx – Forrest


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