Casual Wardrobe Staples

My favorite outfits are casual ones. I have some pretty versatile staples in my closet, so today I’m sharing a few of the ones that I wear most often and how I style them. These items are perfect for cooler days when you don’t need a coat or snow gear (I love my bean boots, but on sunny days I like to bring out my ride or die converses).



I have THREE blanket scarves. I love over sized items, but blanket scarves are my go-to items to feel cozy and cute at the same time. I found this scarf on Amazon and it is SO soft. You can find blanket scarves almost anywhere now in almost any print or solid colour. This one is classic plaid with green and red accents and will always be my favorite. Plus, I love the way the plaid looks with my simple striped long sleeve tee (Forever 21).



My jean jacket is slightly distressed and I’m obsessed with it. I found it for 16 dollars at Ross and bought it in a Medium so it wouldn’t be too fitted. I really wanted one from Topshop that was distressed just like this one, so I got lucky by finding such a cheap look-a-like. Never discount Ross or TJMaxx to come through!

I love wearing my jean jacket with skirts, but black jeans are my favorite comfortable option. These black denim jeans are from The Limited. I absolutely love their jeans, and I’m so sad that the company has recently had to file bankruptcy. This ALWAYS happens when I find favorite jeans (RIP Delias)… so please let me know if you have suggestions for taller girls!


P.S. I carry this SKIMM tote everywhere with me. I’m a girl on the go so I firmly believe in always saving time, money, and of course plastic bags on a daily basis. I love the Skimm and wanted to also share some info about it here since I had my bag in some shots. The Skimm is a great online news source company that sends daily news to your inbox every morning. I have never been one to stay up to date with global news until I found the Skimm. Its free and only takes 5 minutes to read (I usually read on my commute). I like the witty tone of their articles, their neutral standpoints that they truly try to maintain, and the daily contests that they include that spices up the news experience. You can sign up here with my personal link — THE SKIMM SIGN UP


*I am not sponsored by the SKIMM, though every “Skimmbassador” is encouraged to share the Skimm with their social circles. Thanks for reading!




Winter Skincare Favorites

I have discovered some new skin care items that have made dealing with dry and irritable skin so much easier. Toronto is a windy city, and even with a full face of makeup I can feel the wind ripping away at my skin. At the end of the day, I try to take extra care of my skin and go beyond just simply moisturizing it.


I love the Garnier Micellar Water because it is EXTRA gentle. I never like to feel like my face is receiving the washboard treatment with micellar water. I like the Garnier water because it feels more gentle and refreshing than the Simple Micellar Water; however, the Simple line does need less application for full makeup removal. I usually have to use about twice as much of the Garnier water, so after the winter season I may switch back to Simple. But for now this one is working wonders on my skin.


The First Aid Beauty brand is made for sensitive skin. I initially tested these Exfoliator Pads at my local Sephora and the employee said that it works like tiny little micro-exfoliators that eat away at dead skin without causing irritation. She also said that you can cut each pad in half and it still be a full application (a money saving tip that I definitely do now). I was a little skeptical about this sort of exfoliation, but let me tell you… I am a true believer now. The area between my brows used to be bumpy and scaly all the time, but it is so smooth and pretty now! My nose doesn’t even feel like my own nose any more. Basically, I feel like I have new skin! Miracle product!


Finally, I love this face mask from Lush. It does smell extremely minty, so if you have sensitive eyes it may get to you. The mask as a lot of texture and it doesn’t absorb into the face like a traditional clay mask. Whenever it is on your face it feels very refreshing, and when you gently scrub it off your face is extra glowy. I use the mask about twice a week, and I still have a ton left! Unlike the “fresh” face masks from Lush this one lasts three months and has preservatives so it is easier to finish up a pot without it going bad. Don’t forget that if you save your pots, you can turn 5 in for a free mask!

How has the winter been treating your skin? Have you found any miracle products that I should try?

xx – Forrest

A Day at the Market

I like switching up my grocery shopping routine by taking a trip to an amazing, large indoor market. While the summer time is great for going to farmer’s markets all around Toronto, my market of choice on cold and slushy days (like today) is definitely St. Lawrence Market. 

St. Lawrence Market has huge stalls of fresh produce, baked goods, Canadian ice wine (basically wine with 1000 percent more sugar), and meat counters. If you ever get to go, it can take a few hours to mill around. I would also recommend going for lunch because there are several delicious venues to eat at, including the Carousel Bakery. This bakery is home to the most delicious peameal bacon sandwich. If you think you know Canadian bacon, think again. We’ve also found some unbelievably yummy desserts on the basement level too.

We ended up getting a carton of blueberries, 2 spicy sausages, 2 bacon wrapped fillets (7 dollars each!), eggplant wrapped mozzarella, grape leaves, and a really cool Chedder cheese made with mustard and ale. They had every type of cheese that you could imagine so it was really hard only choosing one!

Jared (husband) bought me a chocolate covered strawberry today. It is my favorite treat, but I particularly love them around Valentines Day. Swoon.

All and all it was a VERY successful trip. To be honest, just going to the market is worth it, even if we don’t buy anything. It is always fun to find ways switch up our normal routine and go somewhere up beat where you really feel like you are in the heart of the city (without freezing your buns off).

What’s your favorite way to switch up your routine? Do you have a weekend activity that helps to get you out of slumps? Let me know!

xx – Forrest

Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick (minis)

Be… (wait for it)… LEGENDARY.


We are all guilty of the temptation that is the “isle of doom” in Sephora and Ulta. These are the isles with the fun samples of makeup, skin care, hair products, ect. that await avid customers as they approach the check out.

Personally, I have found that these isles can be a hit or miss. The products range in their quality, and when you do a detailed price comparison with full size products it is hardly ever worth it. However….

I have found that several brands have upped their game. Smashbox in particular has this great set of mini lipsticks that happens to be a great bang for your buck, plus the mini lipsticks live up to  the impeccable quality of the full sized ones. I chose this set in particular because I have been LOVING cream lipsticks with a slight sheen.


From Left to Right: — Famous (pink neutral), Primrose (mauve pink), Fig (red grape)

Plus the colour options are new to me, but not too crazy. I like feeling like I will actually wear every option in sets like these, and the colours available in this set are so versatile (esp for pale girls like me!). I have worn each colour once, and the finish is exactly what I wanted. No wonder these lipsticks won the Best Of Beauty Award from Allure in 2016. They really are Legendary. My favorite is the Primrose colour. It lasts for such a long time, and it also looks great with my favourite lip liner (Charlotte Tilbury’s “Pillow Talk”).

I give this set a 5/5.You can purchase it here for only $26! Be Legendary Cream Lipstick Set

Have you found anything AMAZING in the “isle of doom” lately? Let me know!

xx – Forrest