i love having.

It’s as plain as that.

Having: a place to live. food to eat. a husband. money. clothes. shoes. time. a puppy. family. beauty. education. starbucks on the reg.

As i sat here writing these thoughts in my journal I am in front of my closet and my hamper. I see my dresser and my night stand. All filled with stuff that I have and that I love having.To quote Kimmy Schmidt: hasbrown: hoarder.

Sometimes I forget what I have. Othertimes I feel like I don’t have enough… (especially when I am in a bad mood and just want to shop).

But I do have enough. In fact, I have been blessed with so much more than material things. When I think of my life in general and what makes me happy, I don’t think of those Kate Spade flip flops, the special J.Crew socks for my Bean Boots, all the statement jewelry I have collected, or accent pillows. I think of my place in life and how everything has just fallen into that place. I am in love with my husband, my city, my puppy, and so grateful for all the opportunities that I have had at such a young age.

That is why I want to minimize. I want to downsize what I have. Because loving having something isn’t the same as loving it.

So, like a lot of other people I am going to go through a (late) Spring cleaning process and clear out things that I really don’t love. Of course things that I wear or use all the time are necessary to keep, but I don’t want to keep things that are just collecting dust or being forgotten about.

For my husband, he has a hard time getting rid of ANYTHING because he has so many reasons to keep things. Like this Lord of the Rings mousepad. We don’t even have a desktop, let alone a mouse! But he keeps it because it was a gift and he is afraid that we won’t be able to get another. Or he has this plane set. You put together a cardboard plane with it and he hasn’t touched it. I just want to get rid of it.

Last time we moved it were issues like the mousepad and the plane that made me want to get rid of things, but I did not get rid of enough. I thought I had, but I only really threw out old beauty products and sweatpants. Then I went out and bought a bunch of stuff to replace it.

As we prepare to move across the city (to the very center!) I want to really evaluate what we have and what we love. Which means the mousepad can stay (and the plane SHOULD be built). But I have a lot of work to do in terms of letting go of things that I have and other people can love. I think the toughest part of the process is going to be getting rid of things that I have had since highschool. I have so many memories attached to certain pieces of clothing or knick-knacks! But honestly, I will still have those memories without the clutter. Plus, I have made so many new memories!

Anyway, I am going to document the entire process. it may not be traditional minimalization, but I want to show how I am going to go from simply loving having to only loving. If that makes any sense!


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