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Long time, no see

Here are a few updates on my life. They can serve as excuses for my long hiatus from the blogging sphere.


It’s been a whirlwind of change and excitement (with a smattering of tears and maple syrup).

Yes, I moved up here for graduate school. That has been the primary time-sucker, but in a good way. I can’t imagine not being in school. I absolutely love being in classes where everyone actually wants to be there. I have been so overwhelmed not only with work, but also with how much I love doing work. #nerdstatus

It is actually almost a little disappointing that I have not gotten a grande Canadian experience, because I spend most of my time in 1) my little apartment 2)the library 3) class/work. However, I will say that to anyone who wants to visit Toronto that there is stuff to do!

1. Toronto International Film Festival. Or TIFF if you are in the know. Guess what, I actually went this year! We saw Saint Vincent (staring Bill Murray) and it was a phenomenal experience. If you simply love going to the movies, this is the ultimate movie experience. I know that film buffs everywhere prolly hate me now. But haters gonna hate. I love going to the  movies, and this was like the best thing ever. We got dressed up. We spent all day downtown. We got a ton of free stuff. We cheered during the good parts of the film.  It was such an awesome experience that I never want to miss it.

TIFF 2014
TIFF 2014

2. Food. There is basically an international buffet that covers the whole downtown area of Toronto. I come from a cute little southern town that basically taught me that the four main food groups were fast food, mexican, southern cookin, and crap your pants over-priced restaurant food that you eat when your parents are in town. I have been floored by the sheer awesomeness of variety and authenticity. I want to do a food crawl. LIke, take a whole weekend and just eat all the good stuff I can see/afford. Not to mention, Canada’s famous Poutine is absolutely delicious. I am seriously craving the hot steaming goodness of fries covered with cheese curds and gravy all the time.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Watch the movie… then come to Toronto.  You can visit all the spots that Scott’s band plays, and visit the awesome castle where he fights Chris Evans. I have not done this. But it is on the list for sure. I am probably disgracing said castle by looping it in with Scott Pilgrim and not its own historical value. My apologies.


4. CN tower. Apparently this is the essential stop for tourists.

So obviously I have not been there yet. I think it would be cool. It is the same basic concept as any other tall building in any other city, so it does not fascinate me in the way that it seems to fascinate others. I just can’t get over the empire state building. The Mindy Project has me sold on it being the best place in the world… so by comparison, I just can’t get all that into the CN tower. I guess the experience is what is so attractive about it, so I will just have to go and experience it for myself.


5. Canadian Hockey. Have I ever watched hockey? No. Has it ever interested me? No. But dang it, I am in Canada so I am going to watch some hockey at some point or another. I miss the football atmosphere of the south, so maybe this will be similar, eh? (See what I did there?) (Side note: people here insist that “eh” is not a thing. But I hear it ALL THE TIME. Maybe they just don’t notice it as much as I do. But “eh” is SO a thing).

So yeah, now you see. Its been busy. And there is still so much to do! But I am back. I realize this is merely a statement, and not a promise. But I have plans for more blogs. Whether you read them or not.


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