Grad School: The Agenda

Have I mentioned that my husband and I are latin buffs? We literally spend at least half of our homework time translating it.

Therefore, I would like to explain the word “Agenda” through its latin roots:

Ago: to drive forward

Agenda: the Future Passive Participle: things about to be done

Why am i saying this? Because I am literally obsessed with my agenda. Call it a planner if you want, but I admire this very latin word and its quite literal meaning. This one little book has gotten me through my first term of graduate school without ever missing a dead line or forgetting any important dates. Although it would seem as if brain power, intellectual capacity, an expansive vocabulary, or even brown nosing skills could be just as important, I must say that the very roots of my tranquility in the storm of assignments and obligations is found in my agenda.

I write down everything in it. Down to the dirty details…. such as laundry, duh. I get such a satisfaction in highlighting or crossing things off the list that I have made for any given day. The things that are about to be done have been done, and that makes me feel accomplished. For me it is like checking the completed percentage of a video game. You know, when you are able to see that you are exactly 30 percent through a game, and you check later and you are 90 percent through it? And then you’re like, “How did that happen? I am almost there! I have conquered this game!” or something like that. I love seeing that I am not drowning, and that I am keeping up with everything. It is definitely a small victory.

I usually buy stickers for my agenda. Which sounds dumb. But it adds a little color to the all white pages. Plus, you wouldn’t believe how many crazy sticker templates there are out there. Seriously, go to hobby lobby and just go to the sticker section. It is unbelievable. Also, I will write random inspirational quotes through out it (or dumb quotes from movies and stuff) that will make my day better when I see them. I also usually pick out an agenda that is… well, not plain. This year my sister gave me a Kate Spade one with an adorable bookshelf print. It has bookshelves covered with book and knick knacks. It is definitely my taste and I think it reflects my personality very well. Good job, sis. Basically, I turn my agenda into a scrapbook of sorts that won’t show pictures of me, but will show my accomplishments and personal quirkiness. It is actually much more fun than it sounds. Plus, it can really be a place of zen when you plan out your day/week or look back at what you have been able to do. I never feel incapable of completing a task when I have my own personal testimony right in front of me.

Yay for planning and Latin. Two of my favorite things.


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