Mindy Kaling: Wonder Woman

10335308I recently read Mindy Kaling’s Book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, and loved it. I could not be more impressed with her rise to fame and her obvious self confidence.

So first off, I have always, always, always been a huge fan of the office. At first I was judgmental (like any other teenage girl) of Mindy’s character, Kelly. She was ditzy and attention hungry and I couldn’t get past her obsessive behavior when it came to Ryan. (BTDubs, I totally called BJ Novak my Jew Crush for a few years. I don’t now because I realized that it just didn’t sound or seem right… maybe this is a point in life to show that I have matured). I dismissed the drama queen character and also Mindy herself because of the shallowness of Kelly, which I realize was a mistake. It wasn’t until season 5 (Weightloss) that I had the mental capacity to handle what is Kelly. I will forever be able to full on belly laugh at Kelly’s decision to trust the office’s unstable Creed Bratton with helping her lose weight. He supposedly gives her a tape worm that she swallows in order to help her get into the size 2 (yayyy) bathing suit that she wants. BUT Creed reveals to the audience, “That wasn’t a Tape Worm”. Later Kelly faints. Its just perfect. And I don’t feel bad for laughing.

From this point on, I was a Kelly fan. I began researching on Mindy Kaling and found out that we had a mutual love for fashion and fun and that she was a writer and producer on the show. Now she is in the top 5 women who I would want to have coffee with if the opportunity came about.(The official coffee list is comprised of: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Kate Middleton, Mindy Kaling, and J.K Rowling {or Emma Watson… I just want to talk about HP}).

Basically, Mindy is so cool and her book was super awesome to read. It is mostly in first person, so it feels like a conversation as you are reading. She is literally telling the story of her life with a few extra funny opinions thrown in. I was very involved when reading this book too. Like, I laughed out loud. I gasped a couple times, and also had to share several of her stories with my husband and my friends.

AND since I follow Mindy on Instagram, I am 99 percent certain that she has a new book coming out. So I am geeking out over it too.

In closing, I just want to say READ IT. It is seriously a fast read and perfect for summer and or Christmas time (both very happy periods of the year in my opinion).



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