The Internet

So obviously I am like every other college student and I think the internet is a wonderful device for all sorts of reasons; however, I have recently noticed that I have a definite routine and thoughts about the internet, especially sites that tend to take up most college students’ time. Here is what I spend my time with (and what I don’t spend my time with too):

1. Facebook: Its not my favorite, but I am seriously able to stay connected with it. I have found that about once a year I will do a minor friends purge and that makes the  newsfeed so much more manageable and less frustrating.

2. Twitter. No. I find it very passive aggressive and I hate that every time I read the news it includes which politicians have gotten in trouble have gotten in trouble for their tweets lately…

3. Youtube. My addiction. I can’t stop. Whenever Jared and I get on Youtube we can spend hours finding the most hilarious or even thought provoking videos. I personally subscribe to fashion vloggers because I love seeing new ideas and new products. Here are some that I follow:

-Sarahbelle93x: she is around my age and is so peppy! I love watching her videos because she always gives great advice for style and doesn’t take herself to seriously.

Allison Anderson: This girl can do anything. I love her DIY stuff and her taste in make up. She always looks so natural and classy.

– and of course Jimmy Fallon has a youtube channel. I can re-watch everything. Here is my favorite video thus far:

4. Online Shopping: I can’t do this on my smart phone. I actually hate the safari app and if there is a good sale going on at J.Crew or Red Dress Boutique I will be in front of a screen for at least 30 minutes trying to make the smartest choice possible on a purchase.

–Subtext for Online Shopping: Ebay! Speaking of Online shopping.. Ebay is a great site and it is also addicting. I love selling my stuff on ebay because I am always able to get more for it there than in the consignment shops around town. Plus Jared and I can get anything from video games to awesome wool socks at such a cheaper price than we can anywhere else.

5. Tumblr: I wish I could, but I just don’t have the effort. The site seems like such a black hole.

6. Buzzfeed: Only if its about Disney or Mean Girls or Puppies.

7. Pinterest: The holy grail. I cannot get enough of pinterest and I actually get decent use out of it too. I have made several successful (only one unsuccessful) recipes and I get outfit ideas from the site too. Plus, I have found several cool etsy stores through pins that I have found (obviously most of these pertain to monograms…)

8. I am loving this website. I check it about once a week to update what I am reading and what I have finished reading. Its so nerdy and so fun.

9. Blogs. I wasn’t going to be a hypocrite and not mention blogs. I love seeing what others are saying as much as I love writing!

check out my faves: — super relatable. Plus she lives my dream life in New York and wears Kate Spade all the time. — same as youtuber that I follow. She does some neat stuff about books and TV shows too here. — always a good read and lots of good stuff about relevant topics. Plus the name is great.

10. Finally, I love reading emails. I feel so official and now I feel dumb for saying that, but its true. Every morning I read my email news from the skimm. If you don’t have the skimm, get it. Its perfect for college students or for generally busy people! sign up for free at


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