Lately my life has been so busy but so blessed. 

Thankfully I got a new job closer to school and in the same town that I live. This turned a 45 minute drive to work into a 10 minute drive; I am saving so much more time plus I am in a better work environment (that has complimentary chocolate and a higher pay!). 

On top of a new job, I am about to graduate. This has been a whirlwind of preparation, but I guess after 4 years of working for a degree that working a little for the ceremony when I am given that beautiful piece of paper is worth it too. 

I am looking forward to the summer months and all of the summer-y things that I consider traditions. I love summer in Tennessee, and since this may be my last one for a while, here are some ways I am going to relax and make the most of my time here: 

1. READ. Usually every summer I go through all 7 Harry Potter Books. I swear, I cry every time but I also learn something new every time. I have also just discovered It is an excellent site for recommending books that are similar to the ones you like. I am now obsesssed with it and can’t wait to start compiling a perfect summer reading list from the thousands of books I have found on the website.

2. TAN. I absolutely love the feeling of my skin being warm. I love being outside in general, but just laying outside… that’s wonderfuly relaxing. I have natural sunscreen too! I learned that some sunscreens really damage your skin even while protecting it. 

3. LEARN  A LANGUAGE. I know, I know, I am a nerd. But I really want to learn Italian so whenever I make it back to Italy I will be able to converse more with the people there. How fun would that be? 

4. VOLUNTEER. I have a friend who serves breakfast at a homeless shelter in town. Since I will more than likely be working in the evenings now, I can definitely volunteer with him and  help those in our communities. I have served at several homeless shelters while in college, and it is my favorite type of volunteering. 

5. COOK. I have been pinning so many recipes that look absolutely yummy. My first recipe to conquer will be home made iced coffee done right.

6. JESUS. Yes, summer is a time of relaxing and there is no one better than Jesus to do it with. This summer I want to study parables and allegory in the bible to see if there is a trend of topics that Jesus used when telling stories. I have read through Augustine’s City of God (a tome of a book) this semester and he had interesting things to say about allegory so I would like to do some further investigating. Hopefully, I can learn more about Jesus and how he liked to interact with the mind of people (again, I am claiming Nerd status, but whateves). 

7. SONIC. Sonic Drive in is the best place for cool drinks in the summer. I have already been going frequently because they now have NERD Slushies…. genius and delicious. 100 percent sugary goodness. Plus they have half price shakes after 8pm and who can say no to that? 

8.THE DRIVE IN. Summer has perfect nights to stay outside well past dark. I love going to the movies in general, but there is something genuinely enjoyable about watching a movie outside at night in the summer with a nice sweet tea and buttery popcorn. I have not kept up with the movies lately (except for CAPTAIN AMERICA. Best Marvel film yet) but I am looking forward to going to the drive in to see a summer block buster that I don’t know about yet. 

9. ADVENTURES. Obviously my husband and I have several summer activities planned. Right before graduation we are going to a popular River Spot called “the blue hole”. I have been and he has not. I was not impressed last time I went because I hate swimming and being in a bathing suit, but it is an iconic place in TN, so we have to go for him to experience it. We are also going rafting at some point in the summer and I can guarantee we will come up with other adventures. Groupon usually has great deals on quirky adventures so you can bet we will be checking that often.

I am so excited about Summer. I feel like a kid again! But I know that summer can go to waste if I binge watch Netflix every day or sleep until noon, so having a great list of things to do (woops, did I forget working out? oh well…) will really help to keep me doing enjoyable things and not wasting such a great time of the year!



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