Where to Find Holiday Ears for Disney – Small Shop Edition


Christmas time is here! If you’re lucky enough to go to Disney World or Disneyland (or any of the other parks around the globe) between now and December 25th, you’re probably in the market for some great holiday ears.

Shopping at small shops on Etsy and personal platforms offers you a more tailored and organic shopping experience that allows you to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and giving by supporting the dreams of individual creators. I love showing off the hard work of creative artists or “makers”, especially for Disney themed items. The market for home-made goods is booming because of the quality and price of items, and all of the shops below come at customer recommendation (basically, these ears are tried, tested, and top notch). Take a look at the great holiday finds that Minnie herself would love!

Perfect Poof:  Mouse Life Ears

Instagram: @mouselifeears

Mouse ears come in several shapes and sizes. Mouse Life Ears specializes in the perfect stuffed ears that are “poofy” without being too bulky. The  holiday ears are topped with a sparkly bow that will make you look polished and ready for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! This shop is ALWAYS open on Etsy, so you can place your order right now, people! The price point for these festive ears is only $20 and definitely worth it.

Festive Floral: Flowers Gleam and Glow

Instagram: @flowersgleamandglow (visit for coupon code!)

If you live under a rock then you have a good excuse for not being exposed to the wonderfulness of the wire floral ears. Flower Gleam and Glow has taken this trend to a whole new level for the Holiday Season by combining crisp florals, happy poinsettias, and lively pine branches. These ears basically are a Christmas song in themselves. The price range never goes above $30, and her shop has a great variety of ears so you can pick up an extra pair while you’re there!

Trendy Plaid:  Simplicity by Emma

Instagram: @simplicity.by.emma

Anyone else OBSESSED with Buffalo Plaid? If you are, then put down your Starbucks cup right now and go order these perfectly plaid ears from Emma’s shop.  These ears are stuffed and poofy, which helps to channel all of the cozy aspects of the holidays: chestnuts, hot chocolate, fuzzy slippers etc. You can pair this trendy print with a plain bow or even a sparkly one for extra pizzazz.

All About the Details:  Lo and Grace

Instagram: @lo.and.grace

When I started this post, I had multiple people contact me and ask for this particular shop to be highlighted. It is definitely a shop supported by its customers! The ears have the cutest details on the bows without looking too busy. The ears are flat, which means they are also easy to pack and also carry in the parks. The shop also has a pair of Coco inspired ears (eep!) if you want to show your love for this season’s newest movie release. While you are there, make sure to check out their new shirt too to match your new ears!

Pom-Poms for Days:  Zipadeedesignco

Instagram: @Zipadeedesignco

I’m dead because the poms on these ears have slain me. But really, these ears hit all the bases when it comes to the Holiday check list: great prints, sparkles, baubles, and the poms are the perfect finishing touch of fun! They are full package accessory for your holiday vacation. I also admire the non-bow pairs. While I love a good bow, the option is minimal and could be a unique addition to the ear lover’s collection.

Character Ears: Stroke of Midnight Co

Instagram: @strokeofmidnight_co

The variety available from this shop is amazing. I fell in love with the Star Wars pair. Then the Gingerbread pair. Then the Mickey Santa pair. They are all magical and amazing in their own way (and the shop has even more beautiful character options listed too). Besides the overwhelmingly cute fabric designs, the headband also stood out to me with these ears. If you have never worn ears, the headband MATTERS. A lot. It can make or break the accessory in an instant. I noticed hair grips on these pairs and it seems so practical! Her reviews also sprinkle compliments on the maker like pixie dust!

The Best Gift Ears: All Ears Boutique Company

Instagram: @allearsboutiqueco

Merry and BRIGHT describe these ears perfectly. I love the array of cheery colors in this shop and the attention to detail in creating the perfect happy Disney aesthetic. The Christmas ears come in a wonderful and festive variety for any taste or outfit goal. The shop also has a great selection of ears that you can easily gift to family and friends. The small world ears give me White Christmas vibes, but are amazing for any time of the year. Want a discount? Use forrestdear at checkout to save a little money!

And there you have it! I fully admire the hard work, time, and effort that each of these makers put into creating special accessories for the parks. Supporting the creativity of people is 100 percent in line with the Holiday spirit!

I was not paid nor did I receive any form of compensation for this blog post. 


Easy Monday Outfit of the Day

Monday mornings are very difficult for me. I’ve been learning tips about waking up on time and having a good morning, but my biological disdain towards being a morning person (especially on a Monday) hasn’t changed. It’s definitely a work in progress and I’m starting from rock bottom.

My first baby step to having a better Monday is to dress nicer (aka: to not dress like a bum). Even if I wake up late and I dry shampoo my hair till it’s an official health hazard, my one goal for Monday is to dress like I woke up on time and to look ready to conquer the day.

I’m a grad student, so wardrobe is negotiable. I can show up to class looking like  Rory Gilmore after a Wookiee hook-up, but I’m trying to make the choice to consciously prepare my outfits the night beforehand as an act of care for myself. Self care can come in a variety of ways, and I think putting effort into self-presentation is a part of it (since I do want to look nice, but I never feel like I have the time).

My easy Monday outfits consist of 3 things: skirt, plain top, and scarf. It’s a fail safe outfit. There’s no fuss (besides tights if it’s cold). It’s Easy as Monday Morning.

So this is my first step to becoming a morning person. It does help in the smallest amount to know that I won’t have that helpless moment in front of the closet five minutes before I’m supposed to leave feeling like I have NOTHING to wear. Any small step is a good step!

Hiding the Pooch on Thanksgiving: Easy Holiday Outfits

What to wear on a day when you may or may not stuff your stomach until it feels like a amorphous, turkey based, extension of your once human-shaped body?

There’s always confusion on what to wear for this food-centric holiday. Why do you have to dress up to go somewhere with people you know and stuff your face? The question seems unanswerable, because every year I find myself standing in front of the closet asking “what should I wear?!” There’s a few different types of Thanksgiving atmospheres, so I’ve created a list based on what I’ve experienced in the past.

For the Casual Event: 

The Casual Event may be one of the hardest things to dress for — I usually end up dressing up a little bit, just so I won’t stand out too much for looking like a bum. A nice sweater at Thanksgiving Lunch is definitely what I’m planning on wearing this year to my family’s event. Some people wear t-shirts, and others wear pretty dresses… a sweater seems like a happy medium! Plus, chunky, loose, or flowy sweaters will be trendy and work to hide the mid-day belly.


For the Joey- Challenge – You’re Eating An Entire Turkey Alone and No One Can Stop You:


Is there a better excuse to wear yoga pants and cute work out top? Going to the gym is probably what these would be best for, but accepting a Joey challenge is a close second.

My go-to yoga pants are actually from Cost-Co (of all places), but I have definitely had my eye on some cute ones at Target and Old Navy. These high waisted yoga leggings are perfect for workouts and eating to your heart’s desire. The cowl sweater below just looks so chic and cozy (it comes in so many colours!).

For the Fancy Dinner – do people do this? 

Swing Dresses are your friend — add statement necklace and some heels and you are good to go! Amazon is my go to for fancy dresses. They have so many options under $25 that are versatile beyond one Holiday event. This lace number is flowy and loose, so it will be super comfortable.The lace sleeves are fun and sexy, but they also add enough contrast between your skin and the sheer material so you can wear a bra with straps without it being too noticeable.





3 Last Minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes


Last MinuteWe always spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s side of the family. For them, Thanksgiving is the time when all of the relatives travel from across the country to stay together for three non-stop and CRAZY days. The first time I attended it was almost like an initiation into the family ritual of pure and delightful chaos.

Nothing is planned and everything is a go-with-the-flow sort of feel. Its definitely not how I normally do things (I plan things down to the hour, heck to the minute), but Thanksgiving with our family is the time to put the planner away and just let things happen. Of course, the laissez-faire attitude can lead to some last minute recipes and adjustments to the Thanksgiving feasts. If your family is like ours, it is always nice to have a few good back up recipes if you need them.

What do you mean there’s not a green bean dish? Oh, I don’t really like mashed potatoes… Is there a vegan option?

We’ve got you covered.

Here are my husband and I’s tried and true recipes (mostly from other blogs!) for when things just need a little stability. I hope you enjoy!

Green Bean Casserole Just Like Mom Used to Make 

No lie, one year I made this casserole for my husband instead of a birthday cake because he loves it so much. This is a fool-proof recipe that only requires basic pantry items. If there’s no green bean casserole on the menu, why not give this one a go? The mushroom soup can be easily substituted by Cream of Chicken.

Vegan Smashed Potatoes (You HAVE to try these)

Angela’s blog is one of my favourites because most of her recipes are very accessible. The smashed potatoes have the best texture, and her avocado aioli is also delicious. You could easily substitute the aioli with Sriracha too for a little extra kick and a little saved time. (PS, you will want to snack on these even after dinner is over!)

Warm Mexican Corn Salad (Great for WW)

Bailey’s instagram is inspirational and I love learning healthy tips from her. The recipe on her blog was exciting to make because I knew I would love it. The ingredient list is basically all of my favourite foods. Don’t skimp on the feta for this recipe!



Sephora Wish List 2017

Holiday range make-up is my ride or die for creating any wish list. I love special holiday sets or limited edition items, especially if they have holiday packaging (its alway so cheery).  I also enjoy the range of gift sets around the holidays; I always find more stuff that seems catered to my taste in makeup due to the wider variety. Basically, Christmas time is the best time of year for shopping for make up for me.

Here’s what I have my eye on this year at Sephora!

Too Faced Melted Lipstick Under the Kiss-eltoe Set 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.34.29 PM

These lipsticks have such a wearable and comfortable formula. I have yet to find a duplicate for the way it feels on the lips at the drugstore, which makes this kit worth the price in my opinion.

Sephora Favorites – Everyday Superstars Must Haves 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.36.08 PM


Honestly, this kit looks like it was made just for me. The lip colors are spot on; the full size concealer is one that I have been eyeing for YEARS; and the primer is probably the holy grail of all primers. I seriously would recommend this as a gift to anyone, but specifically I want it for myself 😉

Bite Holiday Lip Set: 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.45.50 PMAnother lip set? Yup. Bite makes my all time, ride or die, classic lipstick. I am obsessed with its creamy, all-natural formula and I can’t help but love the brand since it is Canadian! I bought the set last year and I still have quite a bit of product left, so don’t be turned away by the small size of the tubes. The pigment goes a long way!

Milk Makeup- The A Team 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.41.29 PM.png

This brand is very intriguing to me, and after sampling their highlighters in store I am convinced that I need every single shade. The hues are gorgeous and they glide on so easily! The set is a nice change of pace from the loads of highlighting palettes that have surfaced over the past couple of years.

Josie Maran – Best of Skincare Revivers 

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 11.43.51 PM.png

Is there any better gift than heavenly moisturizers in the winter? This one’s a no-brainer. I’m also dying to try the mud mask!

Fall and Winter Lips – Berries and Nudes

There’s just something about adding a little seasonal colour to your lips that makes you feel extra festive with minimal effort. I’m a sucker lipsticks to begin with, but I really swoon for the berry and nude russet shades. Over the years I’ve tried many different formulas and shades from the lowest prices to the highest hype, and I think I finally have a “must-have” collection.

Top: Covergirl x Katy Perry “Maroon Meow”: I discovered this shade after google searching “Veronica Lodge + lipstick” (I’m so basic and I can’t help it). It really is the perfect maroon shade, and the formula is pretty standard for a drugstore brand – however, it does not dry my lips out so it gets all the gold stars for succeeding in that category. The shade adds warmth to your make up look and does not yellow your teeth like some other fall tones tend to do.

First Column: Kat Von D Lipliner “Lolita”:  The iconic shade – but in a lipliner. What I love about the lipliner is that it gives you so much more control in application. The shade is such a stand out shade that application matters tremendously, and the precise tip of the product helps to get it just right. The liner also does not dry out my lips and is a perfect base shade for some of my other fall lipsticks. I love to add Lolita under other shades because it gives a beautiful depth.

Second Column: Revlon HD Matte Liquid Lip “Seduction”: This is quite possibly the best drug store liquid lip formula that I have ever tried. It smells sweet and it also lasts FOREVER. The color is a dark nude that looks amazing on paler skins (like myself). While it claims to be a matte formula, there is always a little shine whenever I wear it, which ends up looking great anyway. There’s a ton of different shades in this range that I would love to add to my collection, but I know I would always come back to this one.

Third Column: Stila Liquid Lip “Angel”:  I’m not going to lie.. I did buy this shade because of the name and my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had my eye on the Stila collection for a while, and when I saw the name + this gorgeous nude color I couldn’t help myself. The formula is very thick, but also dries super fast (it is magic I tell you). The colour is a delicate, but bold, nude. You can definitely tell you are wearing lipstick, which is what I like about this specific shade. Sometimes nudes tend to disappear on the lips (which makes them true to their name), but it also diminishes the major perks of wearing a lip colour (especially if you pay money for it, right?).

Bottom: NYX Soft Matte Creme “Copenhagen”: This is a trusty, vampiric burgundy with a gorgeous matte finish. In comparison to the Revlon (slightly shiny and thin) and Stila (creamy and thick), the NYX finish stands out  because it feels less like paint and more like a whipped topping when you apply it, and then it magically gives a beautiful matte look to the lips in an flash. It stands out amongst my growing liquid lip collection because it also does not make my lips look like they are suffering and dismantling themselves from within (aka no drying out, which is impressive for matte).

Perfume: Burberry

Sunglasses: Betsy Johnson

Cozy and Cute Fall Sweaters

There’s nothing like having a go-to sweater (or sweaters) in the fall and winter seasons. Pieces that are easy to dress up with some pearls or dress down with a blanket scarf make the cold season a little more bearable in my opinion. I’ve been combing the web for some perfect additions to my wardrobe and I wanted to share some of my favourite finds.

  1. Pretty in Pink Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.00.02 PMThis little number has just enough slouch to be cozy and just enough structure to flatter some curves. The sweater comes in a variety of colours at HM and is under $30 CAD. I like this pink shade the best because I like to wear bright colours as autumn begins to fade. My winter heart wants to wear a lot of greys and blacks, but that just gets depressing after a while. Having a go-to pop of colour brings the happy back.

2. Stranger Things Inspired 

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.02.08 PM.png

If you are like me then you slowly begin to shift your wardrobe to emulate your television heroines. I have been through a Blaire Waldorf phase (and a similar Veronica Lodge phase), a Rachel Green phase, and now I’m totally leaning into the 80’s style because of Stranger Things. With the second season coming, I’m dying to get my hands on some Nancy inspired ribbed striped sweaters. This one from Macy’s is under $30 CAD (which means in USD its pretty affordable). Ready to fight a demigorgon? I’ll get my bat.

3. Cozy Mock Neck

I’m a big fan of turtle necks for the fall and winter seasons. They can look extremely chic with a skirt but you can also dress them down with jeans (as pictured). I love Old Navy for trend items like the t-neck (or the mock neck) because you’re not spending an arm a leg on an item that may or may not be a fashion don’t in the next year. This one comes in a variety of colours, but I love this Gryffindor burgundy. If there is ever a choice in life – always pick burgundy. However, the Mustard colour is also a huge fall trend this year so why not get both (sass emoji)

4. Splurge Item – Teddy Sweater

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.03.14 PM

This special little Rose Gold number is from J Crew Factory. I label it a splurge because it is just short of one hundred dollars when it is not on sale. I’m betting that around American Thanksgiving I maybe be able to find it under $50, but in the meantime I am just going to sit here and obsess over those shimmery polka dots.